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Place : Westerville

Where : Huber Village Blvd
Time : 9:15pm

Advice : don’t be a hero

Mika refused to go down without a fight. The usually calm and studious girl had completely changed and became a risky happy shooter. She was always the last to go anywhere just so she could shoot at any zombie close enough. Together with Lucy she was their best shooter but Lucy would soon be their only best shooter. They had hidden themselves in an abandoned house not too near from Dobry. Not daring to go outside for too long and after Elizabeths death they ransacked the house completely before going in.. So they had holed up in the house after it was deemed safe and Mika had take the first shift on her that evening. If she had stayed silent nothing would have happened. Near the end of her shift a group of zombies had come up to the house, wanderinging mindlessly in the frontyard, her hand had grasped the gun on her hip tightly. Eventhough there wasn’t any need to since the zombies were already limping away she couldn’t help it. These fuckers were responsible for the death of so many friends. So she had raised her gun with a steady hand out of the holster and shot the closest zombie in the head. There were onto her hidingspot so fast she stumbled backwards in surprise before gritting her teeth. She would take as many as she could with her. Lucy was the first to gethere as an explosion blew up the zombies… and Mika.

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