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Place : Raymond
Where : a small village
Time : 4.50pm
When : 5 months after the outbreak
Advice : ┬áDon’t push away any other survivors, don’t shower without telling.

The ninth death was, just like all the others, hard but in a way a relief. Casey had not been the same. You could say that the old Casey was gone, that she had in a sense already died the moment Derek had died in that basement. After time passed she got careless, not bothering to check for her own safety not even when they were saving the others or surrrounded. It was during a brief shower that it happened. Everyone was busy doing something, she didn’t bother to see what so she took a shower. She felt so dirty and numb as she sat under the stream of warm water, hugging her knees to her and cried. Cried for everyone who she missed, everyone who died and over Derek. The one love she never got over. She never heard them coming over the water and her sobs. It wasn’t until their hands were on them and their teeth in her flesh, she didn’t struggle, she knew that any help would be too late and she didn’t scream either.

Her final thought was just that she’d be with Derek now.

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