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(prompt given by Creepney, one of them barging in on the other changing. I did them both!! :D hope you like it!!! All of you!)

It was all just one huge big misunderstanding. No it wasn’t really that but it was a mistake! They both didn’t intend this to happen but it did anyway and later on they would have to admit, they didn’t mind it either.

It wasn’t as if she never saw a guy naked before, she did have to change in the boys room during primary and good part of middle school and she saw more than she ever had wanted to see. After the first two times she simply locked herself in a stall. She didn’t mean to see him like this, she just needed his help in the kitchen. As weird as that sounds Spencers company was fun while she cooked and he occasionally kneading dough for her, which was why she needed him.

So she had gone up to his room, while wearing her apron, and knocked on his door. When it opened she assumed he was the one opening the door but instead all she saw was Spencer in his shorts, which he was about to pull down. If it had been any other guy she would’ve run out the moment she saw it but this was Spencer, her Spencer, her boyfriend, as good as naked, in front of her. She didn’t mean to stare but god just look at his abs and those arms and-…


She squeaked and slammed her hands in front of her eyes. “I’m sorry!! I knocked! I did! The door opened so I..I ..I’m sorry!” Feeling completely embarrased she turns around, stumbles backwards and practically slams the door shut behind her.

Despite the flush on his own cheeks, Spencer chuckled amused, he hadn’t missed her blush nor her eyes checking him out.

Ok so she was a girl and yes she was very shy with anything that had to do with intimacy but damnit she couldn’t look over the fact that her boyfriend was smoking hot and very fit!

- - -

Spencer was hungry, very hungry. Normally he would satisfy his hunger with eating alot of cheetos or other kinds of snacks or fast food but there was a problem. Merril banned those out of Hanover. This however meant that the only food there was, was..well ..food that needed to be prepared. Which meant cooking. After nearly blowing up the kitchen all Hanover boys decided to not enter the kitchen unless Merril was there with them and also to not cook. Not that they minded because Merril was a great cook. So he went to her, his girlfriend, to ask her if she would mind making something. Instead of knocking he simply entered her room.

“Hi Mer could you do some-…”

There was Merril… without blouse and without pants…just in her bra and panties…


The blanket she took immediately covered her figure but it didn’t hide her scarlet face nor the rest of her long legs. He did notice however that she was feeling extremely uncomfortable and embarrased. “S-sorry ..I’ll just uhm..go now.” He quickly got out of her room and went straight into his. Wow..just…wow…Merril was gorgeous. From what he had seen she was simply perfect.

Right now he needed a cold shower, a very ice cold shower. He might be taking everything slow with Merril, anything for his Princess, but goddamn she was hot and he was just a teenage boy, one with needs right now!

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